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Proteus Industries Achieves “low-fat” Status

Stephen Kelleher announces low-fat achievement at School Nutrition Association's Child Nutrition Industry Conference in Orlando

Gloucester, MA (January 17, 2006) - Proteus Industries announced today it has achieved low-fat status with its protein application product for use in fried seafood in conjunction with Good Harbor Fillet Company. Independent test results showed the fat content was well within the range of established low-fat standards in recent production of 90,000 pounds of par fried fish portions prepared for the U.S. military.

"We've been consistently striving towards low-fat status and we're thrilled to have finally reached our goal," said founder and chief scientist Stephen Kelleher, Ph.D. "We're looking forward to making the seafood products that fall within the low-fat standards available to the public in the near future. We consider this to be an important step in expanding the consumer market for products using our technology. "

Proteus has developed a unique, patented protein application process that decreases fat absorption and improves the quality of meat, poultry, fish and other foods while extending the food's shelf life and reducing bacteria. The all-natural protein application increases both the moisture and protein content of fish and meat. The multiple benefits have recently drawn considerable interest from both the food and health science industries.

Kelleher announced the findings while speaking at the School Nutrition Association's (SNA) Child Nutrition Conference in Orlando on behalf of Proteus Industries and Good Harbor Fillet on January 17, 2006. The conference focuses on helping operators and industry leaders build relationships, while working to boost student participation in school lunch programs and create a healthier lunch program.

Kelleher was asked to present during the "What's New" program, a popular series of small group sessions where school nutrition professionals are given the chance to explore innovative products and services that have recently been developed or introduced to the school market. Kelleher discussed Proteus and Good Harbor Fillets' recent involvement with various school lunch programs nationwide and their achievements in successfully lowering the fat in school lunch favorites such as fish sticks.

"The Child Nutrition Conference is something we are proud to be part of. School districts are striving to offer healthier choices in the lunchroom and our protein application helps them reach their goal," said Kelleher.

Proteus is a protein applications firm founded in 2001 by Stephen D. Kelleher, Ph.D., as an outgrowth of eight years of research and five U.S. patents, with nine patents pending. The patents, both process and composition, cover the isolations and applications of pure and highly functioning protein from animal muscle. The process involves safe, food-grade ingredients.