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Proteus Industries To Exhibit At International Boston Seafood Show

GLOUCESTER, MA (March 8, 2006) - Proteus Industries announced today it will join Good Harbor Fillet in exhibiting at the 23rd annual International Boston Seafood Show (IBSS), March 12 through 14, 2006.

Proteus Industries and Good Harbor Fillet will join forces to exhibit products with the fat-blocking, patented protein application. Show-goers will be able to taste a variety of seafood products, including Fun Shapes and some key items from the Healthy Catch line, while learning about the benefits of the protein application.

"When you have a process that can decrease fat significantly without changing the taste, people want to try it. We're excited to be giving those at the show the chance to taste the various seafood products," said Dr. Stephen Kelleher, founder and chief scientist of Proteus Industries.

Proteus Industries has developed a unique, patented protein application process that decreases fat absorption and improves the quality of meat, poultry, fish and other foods while extending the food's shelf life and reducing bacteria. The all-natural protein application increases both the moisture and protein content of fish and meat. The multiple benefits have recently drawn considerable interest from both the food and health science industries.

The show is sponsored by Seafood Business and will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center in Boston, MA, is the largest and most influential seafood industry trade show in the United States, attracting seafood professionals and visitors from over 80 countries. IBSS will feature over 800 exhibitors in more than 1,600 booths, who represent all areas of the seafood industry.

Proteus is a protein applications firm founded in 2001 by Stephen D. Kelleher, Ph.D., as an outgrowth of eight years of research and five U.S. patents, with nine patents pending. The patents, both process and composition, cover the isolations and applications of pure and highly functioning protein from animal muscle. The process involves safe, food-grade ingredients.