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Proteus Industries Introduces Reduced-Fat Fried Chicken

Approved by over 50 school systems across the country with 50% fat reduction

Gloucester, MA (November 19, 2007) - Proteus Industries, a protein applications company that specializes in reducing fat content in food, and Comfort Creek Foods announced today the first line of breaded chicken products to feature Proteus' patented fat-blocking protein technology, Nutrilean™.

The Healthy Crossings™ line of chicken features popcorn, boneless wings, filets and tenders that maintain the moisture and taste of fried chicken but with less than half the fat of comparable products and with less than 30 percent calories from fat. Healthy Crossings™ made its debut this Fall and has already been approved by over 50 school systems across the country.

"In a nation that has experienced a dangerous rise in obesity levels, including among children, we must not only emphasize healthy living and good nutrition but we need to do so much more," said Stephen Kelleher, Founder and Chief Scientist of Proteus Industries. "We also need to make the foods that people have enjoyed for so long, healthier."

Proteus' poultry proteins work by forming a barrier around the coated product, partially preventing fat from entering the product during cooking. The barrier also assists in the binding of moisture in the final product, thus improving the juiciness of the chicken. Commercial results to-date have seen up to 50% reduction in fat content and 13% increase in final moisture in the cooked chicken.

"From the positive reactions we've received in testing from so many school nutritionists and foodservice directors, it's obvious this new product solves a problem they were facing," says Rock Moen, President of Comfort Creek Foods®. "Chicken is a very popular item on their menu. This is a way to keep an all-meat, great-tasting product on the menu and, with no other changes, improve the nutritional profile to meet or exceed the new standards."

About Proteus Industries:
Proteus is a food ingredient manufacturer specializing in patented, all-natural muscle protein which is used to reduce fat, calories and salt, while increasing moisture, in fried or par-fried products. Following a successful commercial launch of fish protein products Proteus is aggressively commercializing its Nutrilean™ poultry protein for chicken and turkey products. Proteus currently has manufacturing facilities in Gloucester, MA and Albertville, AL. For more information visit

About Comfort Creek:
Comfort Creek Foods is a center-of-the-plate supplier of a range of healthier and nutritious practical protein solutions that include chicken, pork and beef. They provide nutritious and great tasting products for K-12 schools, healthcare, college & university and business/industry foodservice operations. They specialize in high-quality, whole muscle products that offer enhanced nutritional profiles and a premium plated presentation.