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Proteus Industries Partners with Sunrise Foods, LLC to Deliver Reduced Fat Fried Chicken to US Schools

Nutrilean™ fat-blocking technology yields up to 50% fat reduction in fried chicken.

Philadelphia, PA (July 21, 2008) – Proteus Industries, a protein applications company that specializes in reducing fat content in food, announced today at the School Nutrition Association's Annual National Conference (SNA ANC) in Philadelphia, PA a partnership with Sunrise Foods, LLC. The partnership includes a supply agreement and license, making a new line of fried chicken that utilizes Proteus' fat-blocking Nutrilean™ and yields up to 50% fat reduction, available to schools and restaurants across the country.

"With the rising levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes, we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure our children are eating healthy," said Steve Kelleher, Founder, Proteus Industries. "Thirty million children eat school lunch every day and it is our job to make sure they actually enjoy eating healthy meals. Nutrilean™ allows us to provide a healthy version of the foods kids love – and that schools love to serve – while cutting fat and calories."

Nutrilean™ works by forming a barrier around the product, partially preventing fat from entering the product during cooking. The barrier also assists in the binding of moisture in the final product, improving the moisture and taste of the chicken. Fried chicken, fried fish and other food products that use Nutrilean™ maintain the moisture and taste expected by the consumer but with less than 50 percent of the fat of comparable products, and less than 30 percent of calories from fat.

"Obesity is a life threatening issue affecting our children," Steve Troilo, Vice President, Sunrise Foods, LLC. "Our industry must develop products that answer the needs for a healthier lifestyle with reduced fat products. With the use of Nutrilean™, our products provide both great tasting and healthier foods that our children will love to eat If the products we provide do not appeal to the children and they will not eat them, what do we gain?"

Nutrilean™ has been used in a variety of product lines in use now in school systems and healthcare facilities across the country and even in the US military.

About Sunrise Foods, LLC:
Sunrise Foods, LLC is a privately held premier supplier of quality poultry products, both in domestic and international markets. Sunrise has the ability to provide newly required "reduced fat" and "reduced sodium" entrees to school and healthcare systems and can also manufacture customer specific products to QSR and family dining concepts. For more information visit

About Proteus Industries:
Proteus is a food ingredient manufacturer specializing in patented, all-natural muscle protein which is used to reduce fat, calories and salt, while increasing moisture, in fried or par-fried products. Following a successful commercial launch of fish protein products Proteus is aggressively commercializing its Nutrilean™ poultry protein for chicken and turkey products. Proteus currently has manufacturing facilities in Gloucester, MA and Albertville, AL. For more information visit