How NutraPure® Solution Performs Small Miracles.

Like many breakthroughs, NutraPure® protein is deceptively simple in principle, though the science behind it is anything but. Current theory in deep fat frying, states that as products are placed into hot oil (375° F), the water in those products immediately converts to steam and evaporates. The quick removal of the steam creates a vacuum, which gets filled by sucking in the surrounding frying oil, hence the increased oil up-take, and increased fat and calories. NutraPure® acts as barrier to reduce oil absorption and to prevent much of the moisture from escaping. Less oil rushes into the final product.

As a protein solution, NutraPure® is more easily applied to chicken, fish, or meat prior to cooking by a spray on process or as a batter ingredient. Either way, this tasteless, low cost step is changing the way the world eats. For the better.

NutraPure® Solution Can Provide

Better flavor in taste tests

Our studies, and those of our customers, consistently confirm what logic would suggest. Flavor is enhanced as a result of reduced oil absorption during cooking. More flavor of the food itself emerges, so—from focus groups to large school lunch studies—people report it just plain tastes better.

Better Visual Appeal

Here’s a plus we didn’t foresee, but happily take credit for. NutraPure® protein-battered products have a richer bronze color and more detailed highlights. This gives the food a more natural, home-cooked look. So it doesn’t just taste better, it looks like it’s going to taste better, too.

Better Yields and Less Blowout

Reduced moisture loss during cook adds up to better yields. Additionally, less escaping moisture means reduced blowouts and better coating adhesion.

Longer Holding Times

Stands to reason, better moisture retention in the meat means it will not dry out so readily under heat lamps.