How NutraPure® Suspension Performs Small Miracles.

Like many breakthroughs, NutraPure® protein is deceptively simple in principle, though the science behind it is anything but. Muscle proteins are very large, highly structured molecules which are prevented from interacting with water or other proteins to a high degree. Using our technology this structure is simply expanded to expose natural water or protein binding sites which were previously hidden or tucked away. This allows NutraPure® to retain moisture with natural ingredients (muscle and water) rather than using high levels of salt or chemical additives such as phosphates.

As a protein suspension, NutraPure® is easily applied to chicken, fish or meat through any standard marination process.

NutraPure® Suspension Can Provide:

More Natural Taste and Texture

Our studies, and those of our customers, consistently confirm what logic would suggest. Natural ingredients lead to a more natural bite. When compared to products using phosphates or similar additives, the use of natural ingredients such as meat and water in NutraPure® suspension allows for a juicier bite with natural taste, appearance, and feel.

Healthier Products

As an alternative to sodium phosphates or high levels of salt, the use of NutraPure® Suspension in marinades offers increased cook yields with reduced sodium. In many cases, reducing the amount of sodium in consumer products by 10% to 20%.

Better Yields

Studies show products using NutraPure® Suspension retain moisture throughout the cooking process than products using chemical additives such as phosphate. Better moisture retention throughout the cook means increased yields and better plate coverage.

Longer Holding Times

Stands to reason, better moisture retention in the meat means it will not dry out so readily under heat lamps.