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Stephen’s Bio

Founded in 2002 by Stephen Kelleher, Ph.D., Proteus Industries is the company behind our original product NutriLean® and our new and improved product NutraPure®. A renown food chemist, Dr. Kelleher spent years doing protein and lipid research with Advance Protein Technologies, and as a researcher at UMass-Amherst Marine Station in Gloucester, MA.

Dr. Kelleher earned his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an M.S. from Cornell University. He has received numerous honors and awards and maintains membership in organizations that include American Chemical Society and the Institute of Food Technologists.


For a little light reading, here is a list of his published works:

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  • Stephen D. Kelleher

    Founder and Chief Scientist

    Stephen D. Kelleher, Ph.D., is an accomplished scientist and food chemist. Following many years of protein and lipid research, Dr. Kelleher founded Proteus Industries in 2001 and he currently serves as Chief Scientist.

    Prior to founding Proteus, Dr. Kelleher was a research scientist at the University of Massachusetts for 14 years focusing on the basic chemistry of lipid oxidation and protein physical properties, mainly in the area of seafood. Dr. Kelleher has also worked in a variety of food service roles with companies such as Campbell Soup Co, and has consulted internationally in Europe and the Middle East. He has published over 50 manuscripts and secured 8 patents with 8 more pending. Dr. Kelleher received his education at University of Massachusetts and Cornell University.

  • Bill Fielding

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bill joined the Proteus team in 2009 to help develop applications for the beef and pork industries. With an extensive background in the food industry, Bill has held management and executive management positions with prominent producer, food service, and meat processing companies within the United States. His experience in processing and understanding of the food service and retail business will help guide expansion projects that provide significant value for multiple segments of the industry.


  • Kevin Pentz

  • Wayne Saunders-Director Key Accounts/Research & Development
  • Craig Schuman-Production Manager Meats/Seafood
  • Josh Manley-Research and Development Manager
  • David Michael Ruesgen-Operations Manager- Colorado Division


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